Importance Marigold Flowers in different cultures around the world


not only in India, the marigold flowers played an important role in Western culture. In Western mythology is believed that the water from the marigold, if rubbed on ‘someone’s eyes, could be used for the purpose of invoking the psychic visions of fairies. Apart from this, marigold flowers used by the Aztecs in various activities in the medical values ​​or properties. As the popular Aztecs’ religion, hiccups can be effectively cured with marigold flowers. Besides this, the Aztecs believe that people who are stuck with the light can be effectively cured with marigold flowers. In Christianity are marigold flowers used in festivals in order to honor Mary. Known as grass from the sun, the marigold flower often used in different cultures as a symbol of creativity and passion. Because of the attractive appearance and mesmerizing fragrance, are yellow marigold flowers often used as love charms.

In accordance with the popular and common traditions of Mexico, flowers Marigold is actually used on Dia de los Muertos. If translated into English, but festivals mean Day of the Dead. In order to celebrate and honor the life of friends and family who have passed away, festival Dia de los Muertos is celebrated on November first of each year in Mexico. As the popular Mexican believe, on the day of the dead, the souls of the dead peoples visit their families and friends. The marigold flower is thought dead soul to the altar. It is considered as the Mexico traditionally strong aroma of marigold flowers typically attracts souls of the dead with their families and friends.

It is believed that the people of Portuguese have introduced marigold flowers to the people of India. For the manufacture of garlands, flowers of marigold is grown in India. For the purpose of decorative Dussehra are available marigold flowers used with different vehicles. In addition to this, the flower marigold flower is used in order to decorate the festivals of Dussehra.

Working with the name of “Mary’s Gold”, the marigold flowers have an important role in Indian culture. Marigold flowers in India is considered sacred and are used in Hindu weddings in various activities in order to show the beauty of the wedding. Besides this, the flowers marigold is used in Indian culture as a symbol of a new and bright beginning for the newly married couple. Flower Prices in Delhi can actually vary different stores based on the place from where marigold flowers are exported.

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