Management of working capital


Effective working capital management is critical for smooth business operations. The flow of cash occurs in a circular shape moving across the system. One can consider this as based company. In theory, it should generate cash, but if it does not, a company ultimately has no more cash and simply passed. The faster expansion of the business, the higher the cash and need related to investment and working capital. The cheapest and fastest source of this money is noteworthy within the company itself in the form of working capital.

Funds effective management naturally will lead to the generation of an optimal amount of cash leads to a reduction in risk and increase profits. Keep stocks and provide customers with one significant part relating to the overall profit of the company. The business cycle consists of two important factors namely:

  1. Trade it refers to debtors who owe you money
  2. Inventory processing and stock

loans, equity and liabilities remain the main sources of cash. Different factors associated with working capital are two-dimensional – Money and Time to be two dimensions. The faster the money moves across the cycle, the greater the generation company cash. Movement of the money will be automatically accelerated as companies take steps to make the debtor to pay up quickly. You can also release the money by reducing the amount of inventory compared to sales.

With the ready availability of money, you can invest in other areas of business, such as choosing a cloud service provider to improve operations. For financing working capital, you will have to borrow less than previously. This in turn will also reduce bank interest rates. Take the opportunity to negotiate with suppliers. It will help you increase your credit limit and ensure the long one live free financial help to find future sales. Pay the money turns out to be quite tempting when available especially when you buy fixed assets such as cars, computers, or plants.

But when you’re paying the money it is important to remember that there will no longer be available for use as working capital. When your company faces this situation related to money, you’re better off with another way to finance investments. This includes rent, loan, or equity. They pay dividends with increased drawings are to deal with outflows of cash, which in turn removes liquidity from the company. Other sources of capital include:

  • current reserves of money
  • short-term or one supplier
  • assured cash or profits
  • long-term
  • new loans / equity shareholders
  • lines of credit or a bank overdraft

Inadequate supply of working capital means that you will be looking for ways to increase sales. This way, there is a high possibility of overstretching business capital. Another name for this is over trading. It is important to understand the signs of this as pressure on existing cash.

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