Solving the first mile transport problems


Supply chain management is a very economic and effective idea to check the flow of goods, but it has been a long lasting problem in it. Often the first mile, which is to transport goods from the owner to the delivery company and the last mile, which is the last step to take products from the warehouse to the customer, account for much of the cost of supply chain management. Because of the promise to deliver the goods in a certain time limit, many businesses panic and often return the wrong or damaged product. Also, transportation remains a problem, sometimes there are traffic jams, sometimes house client in a very remote area.

Supply chain India has been working to Effective Cost-Cutting on the first mile and last mile transport, but it is not easy. E-commerce has multiplied the number of parcels that are exported around the world every day with a ginormous amount. The packages are not only from the warehouses of these e-commerce stores, but sometimes clients to customers, such as the trade of e-bay. Anyone can order anything 24×7 and at the top of most households are single households. It happens so often that the package is delivered on time, but there is no one at home to collect it.

That is why more and more e-commerce stores are used transport space for rent . But, first mile problem trouble at the sender is not linked to any company. You have to take time out from his busy schedule to visit courier services and then wait to get the item packaged and sent. To counter such problems first mile transport companies as parceled has opened up. With their help, you can ask about a person from the ground, which would come to your home and your parcel within 30 minutes. He will also pack package and give you a tracking number to ensure that the package is on the right track.

They have received funding from courier giants Very Delhi and plan to expand the business in the near future. For example, they are planning to allow food and other perishable items to parceled distances. Parceled is also looking to shrug off the 25 kg weight limit on parcels in the near future. If more companies like this begin to appear, first mile transport problems will be a thing of the past.


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